How I can attach Files with Send email function?


I’m trying to send Entity content through “send email” action in automations. My Entity contains (a) files attached in richtext “Description” and (b) files attached as files field.

Here is my code:



Here is my email received (zero attachments):

some description profession-map_full-standards-download.pdf

Many thanks!

There isn’t currently a method for adding attachments when using the Send Email action.

Frowny-face indeed… that’s a pretty important feature :frowning_face:

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hui - yes … this would be something … I am currently trying to make an automation that includes all files from an entity to be send along when pressing a button …

any updates on this?

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@Chr1sG, Is supporting file attachments to sent emails in the backlog?

Also - Supporting generic headers (CC, BCC, Reply-To, etc) is a pretty important capability.


Cc and Bcc was released in August:

File attachments is in the backlog but not planned for a specific release yet.

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Now you can do it, we’ve added it in latest release