How does Fibery compares with ERP platforms?

I have gone through and also played a bit.

I see the kind of flexibility Fibrey offers is comparable to ERP platforms. I have only played with for a while in the past.

Wondering what Fibery thinks of itself as an ERP solution? Sooner or later down the road?

So far we are not going to dig deep into cases like Accounting, Payroll, and Manufacturing, so I’d say Fibery can close quite many ERP-cases, but not all.

We are focusing on knowledge management and intelligence amplification more.


Good points.

Accounting, Payroll

Thanks for highlighting those. Fortunately, they are not on our to-move list. :slight_smile:

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FYI, we have a nice little Inventory management template that maybe could be adapted to meet some of your needs…?

If you think there are ways in which it could be improved, please let us know your use cases.