GraphQL Report - Access child values

I’m trying out the GraphQL [Beta] as data input for a new report.

publicHomes is an array containing many homes. It is identified as a Number in the data fields.


  1. Is it possible to access the child values in any way? I would like to get each home within publicHomes.
  2. Would it be possible to add a root value, similar to how JSON imports work?
  3. I haven’t really worked much with GraphQL, is there anyway of modifying the query to return publicHomes’s child elements directly? I’m guessing not.



We turn nested object into plain field. I checked it on Fibery Graphql API and it works fine. Can’t say exactly why it is not working for your data without access to your api.

Thanks Oleg! Just sent a message with the development url, hope that’s ok!


Please give me some time. Will debug and let you know about a fix.

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Fixed. Please update the data of chart or create new report. It should work good now.

Thanks for letting us know about issue and providing access to your api.



Amazing, thanks!

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