Clear value with GraphQL

Hello, I haven’t used graphQL very much but I’m running a few requests similar to:

mutation {
  phones(serialNumber: { is: "R58RB492TBJ" }) {
      groupId: 177
      deploymentDate: "2022-07-07"
      deploymentStatus: { name: { is: "Reserve" } }
      profile: "Bud"
      updated: "2022-07-07T20:40:33.000Z"
    ) {

But in some cases I want to just clear deploymentDate: instead of updating it, sending a blank value didn’t work since it’s a Date column.

Do I need to run a delete request for just that cell or something?

Thanks in advance

Hello, @NWE

Please use null as value to reset dates.

mutation {
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Ah that makes sense, don’t know why I didn’t try that.
Thanks a lot!