Google Chat integration

Here are stuff I’d like to do:

  1. select some spaces for import, then get messages from these spaces created as DB entities (like gitlab projects / MR / issues). Use Case : users send to IT requests or bugs via chat, I’d like to link those to bugs, feature requests … similar to what you offer with email or Zendesk integration

Note : the option to import threads seems important.

  1. automate that when an IT person adds a comment to the imported message, the comment is sent back to the chat

  2. nice to have : bot equivalent to Slack

Hi, Michel!
To be honest, that is very unlikely that someday we will have a native Google Chat integration
For sure, I’ve noted your request, but that is absolutely out of our focus and vision.
Probably later we will focus more on chat capabilities in Fibery (however not in the next 6 months)

So I can only suggest trying to use Zapier, Make or API for your case :disappointed_relieved:

understood ! it was a nice to have rather than a must have anyways on my side

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