Github Discussion sync

Hi, Does the GitHub Integration support GitHub discussion as accumulated feedback channel similar to discourse or intercom?

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Not yet. Nobody asked for it so far.

I would really find great value in having Github Discussions come in just like Discourse does. The API for it is here, I think:

Can we move this to a Feature Request?

I moved it.

Well, I can’t vote for it. :smile: I’m out of votes, so I try to remove 1, still at my limit, then remove 2 more for a total of 3 and still no? OK, I might as well stop destroying my old votes. :sweat_smile: Maybe my limit changed since I wasn’t here very much the last few months… (trust level).

Yeah, your trust level dropped, but I’ve manually re-promoted you :+1:

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Ah, thank you! Now I just need to see if I can figure out which ones I removed votes from. :joy: