Full new record layout

Please create a setting/additional button to open full record layout instead of preview card with title. Usually when we create a new record there is more information to add like description, sprint, etc. In current implementation we always need to do additional clicks to create and edit.


Yes this is a fundamental I’ve been wondering about, too. Some basics like being able to add an assignee or due date are essential when creating a new Entity.

Discussed with teammates and we can manage it like this
Enter - creates the Entity
Shift+Enter - creates the Entity and opens Entity View

How do you feel, will that be helpful for your case?


@Polina_Zenevich was that already implemented? I just tried Shift+Enter and it doesn’t work.

Nope, that is just an idea from designers, when we were discussing your pain :slight_smile:
Not implemented yet, just wanted to know your opinion about that!

It works for me! :+1:t2:

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@Polina_Zenevich any updates on this?

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Won’t it depend upon where you are when the entity is being created? I mean, in the table view, shift+enter adds a new line at the moment, I think.

Unfortunately no.
We are finishing some back features, and only after that will be back to the common improvements :slight_smile: