Field available in database based on another field

Is it possible to only make a field available based on another field? I’m not talking about simply toggling the visibility of the field on or off, I mean something like the following:

Two fields named 1 and 2.

Possible values in field 1 are A and B.

Possible values in field 2 could be anything.

If field 1 has A selected, field 2 is a field that is available for the entity/row. If field 1 has B selected, field 2 is not available for the entity/row.

The use case is to have relationships from lots of different databases to one database without having the visual clutter of seeing irrelevant fields for entities. Like if I have a db that has relationship fields to ten other dbs, but at most an entity will only have one of the ten relationships, I don’t want to see all ten fields on that entity. Even if I live the nine irrelevant fields blank, just feels like extra noise.

Hopefully that’s clear!

It’s not possible, no.

In some situations, this is better solved with linked highlights/back refs rather than structured relations

I’ll experiment with highlights/back refs and see if that accomplishes what I’m looking to do. Thanks!

For posterity, “live” is a typo in the og post. Should have been “leave”.