Fibery vs. Monday

New Fibery vs. X article:


:muscle: Hierarchies are deep and easy
:muscle: Relations are powerful
:shrimp: Lack of some productivity features
:muscle: Whiteboard View
:muscle: Timeline View allows planning
:muscle: Hierarchical List
:muscle: Powerful formulas
:muscle: Rich edit collaborative field to capture text inside entities
:muscle: Bi-directional links
:muscle: Powerful charts
:shrimp: Integrations are one-way
:shrimp: No mobile apps


:shrimp: Hierarchies are impossible to visualize
:shrimp: Relations are very basic and incomplete
:muscle: Many small productivity features
:shrimp: Limited formulas power
:muscle: Form View
:muscle: Gantt View
:muscle: Block-based Documents
:muscle: Map View
:muscle: Dashboards
:muscle: Block Documents
:muscle: Cool integrations
:muscle: Flexible sharing
:muscle: Mobile apps
:shrimp: Poor support of text-heavy processes


What’s the difference between β€œblock-based documents” and β€œblock documents”?? I did read the article, but not clear still. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

no difference, editing error :slight_smile:

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