Fibery vs. ClickUp

There were many questions from our leads about how Fibery and ClickUp are different. This article explains it in great detail.


Do we now have automation rules? :star_struck:
How do we set them up?

Hi, you can try it like this.
Note that we have zero documentation so far and it may have bugs. Full release is planned in 2 weeks.


This post came at the perfect time! We run a business automation & integration agency and have been struggling to clearly define what service to recommend for what use case.

As someone familiar with relational databases the Fibery data relationship concept and its value clicked immediately, but I can see where someone who just wants something better than Trello would be attracted
to ClickUp.

I would love to see a comparison to Airtable as thats another product that clients ask about.

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Since this review was written, Airtable have implemented base syncing, but it’s not really fully-functional, it’s more like a one-way read-only link.
Also, the views/reporting and document features of Fibery still shine compare to Airtable, if you ask me.


I think this is a little bit of an unfair comparison anyways. Fibery doesn’t support linking between workspaces, which is the equivalent of airtable bases and coda docs. Coda provides a way to do cross-doc, which at first sounds kind of limiting, but is nice because it allows another “workspace” to own the equivalent of a Type, then leverage it read-write or read-only in other docs.

This looks really nice so far. I was able to implement a meeting notes template, depending on the team I’m meeting with (when creating new meeting, if meeting org is Marketing, append specific markdown headers to description). I’m going to play around with managing the topics via a modeled relationship to the organization to generate the topic outline.

I also like the activity pane, since I’m sure that would be a common concern of knowing whether it did something or not. I’m looking forward to playing around with it more.

I did notice there is a bug when selecting the entity updated event in case you haven’t seen that yet.

I think the Fibery team would argue that connecting between bases in Airtable in analogous to linking between data in different apps in Fibery.
The article indicates this with the ‘Translation sheet’:

Airtable — Fibery
Base — App
Table — Type
Field — Field
Record — Entity
View — View

As for Coda, Michael also did a comparison of that with Airtable:

Personally, I love Coda for the functionality that is possible with formulas and selection lists (hint, hint Fibery :slight_smile: ) but it is also rather frustrating that table linking is effectively unidirectional. You can create a reverse-lookup, but you can only create/update/delete a link from one end of the relationship, as it were.

Right, I just mean the basis of saying it can’t do something is depending on how you map things like that. If you go up one level in fibery you have the same issue.

Edit: In other words, if I wanted to have a personal workspace in fibery and a work workspace, then leverage types read-only between the workspaces, there isn’t a way to do something like that.

Agreed. But then again, Airtable also uses the terminology of workspaces (above the base level) so I can’t blame Michael for his choice of mapping of terminology.

Having said that, the Airtable table syncing that is now available works across bases and across workspaces, so in a sense, I’d say Fibery wins at the base=app level, but loses at the workspace=workspace level :slight_smile:

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I started with ClickUp before moving to Fibery. It’s not that I found Fibery and decided “this is better” - instead I just recall being frustrated enough with ClickUp that I knew I had to keep looking.

I don’t know if I have a great articulation of why, but I can try. Incorporating documents was really painful. Fibery isn’t as good as Notion et al in this regard, but much better than ClickUp. I also found it hard to navigate, and hard to get a sense for the overall picture somehow. Or maybe I mostly just felt I wasn’t sure I’d be rewarded for diving in deep into the structure of the application.

Also that video… Oh man I don’t know. They 100% should take that down.