🔮 Fibery roadmap for Feb-April 2023

As for the chat I would vote for integrations with Slack and we are ready to share what we already developed:

  • send Entity to Slack and then all comments to Entity and thread messages are 2-way synced
  • convert message to Entity with filling related fields and have same 2-way sync of comments/thread messages
  • compose message in Slack and have bulleted list inside it, mark it with :fibery: emoji and Task and Sub-Tasks will be created in Fibery, with estimates and assignees

Our view points: Slack is “short memory” and Fibery is “long memory”. So it’s better for Fibery to focus on the Core eXperience and chat doesn’t fall into this category.


Great to see you’re putting focus on knowledge management. Not sure if this is covered by knowledge management, so a few comments based on our paint points:

  • it’s very frustrating to search for where a document sits in a tree when you open it via link. Breadcrumbs would be very helpful.
  • following from above - tree hierarchy is currently not used for search - which means we often need to duplicate information in document/view name. For deeper hierarchies you end up with patterns like “Rainbow Corp → Rainbow Corp Meeting Notes → Rainbow Corp Meeting Notes 2023 Feb 05”
  • when query gives a lot of results you will often find yourself wanting to sort results in recency order or filter results using another criteria. I could imagine this solved by either allowing filtering on rich text in the view filters or extending global search feature (eg “query sort:[Date] name:EndsWith(‘right’)”.



We are going to improve search and add breadcrumbs in the next few weeks. Some other minor search improvements we will add next weeks are:

  • Exclude a Database from search results
  • Filter by View kind in DB selector in search
  • Filter by Space for all Views (including Docs)
  • Mark Done entities grey in search result (or some quick filter?)

Amen to this! Counting on Fibery communication to get to the point where we can lose Slack…we almost have already with comments in Fibery, as simplistic as they still are right now…


This is desperately needed! Any way to show closed entities in Search would be a big bonus right now, thanks!

I guess index comments in search still on on the radar? Would really love to have this since we have probably most of our valuable content in comments right now…and when you come up with the new communication system, I feel like at that time indexing comments will be requisite…



Do you expect to implement [APPROVED] Wrap Cells & expand Column option in Table View as part of improving the tables?


Is there any threads on fibery roadmap and the chatGPT api? I totally get it that it’s a big topic, but others (notion?) are rushing ahead, and I see some parts of the docs referring to prompts.

It’s just got released see April 3, 2023 / :alien: Fibery AI (Create Space with AI help, Text Assistant, AI in Automations) - News & Announcements / Changelog - Fibery Community

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Yes, it is already there :slight_smile:

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Did you see compression prompts for LLM ?
One example - https://twitter.com/piratewires/status/1643673273723650048?s=46&t=DO575TBj5m8z5ebQ7oVdBg

It allows to reduce used tokens a lot. Haven’t experimented with it enough to see how lossless it’s but I guess it’s a matter of correct prompt.
“Inventing assembler again” ))

Thinking out loud you can probably fine-tune a model to an algorithm if it’s giving good results. That there should be no need to pass the original algorithm to the model every-time. Though that is just a hypothesis.


Any progress on the table improvements?


I’m with jondkinney!

We have about 10 users on clickup. We really want to move to Fibery.io but are waiting for the table improvements.

Without grouping it becomes to hard to navigate and understand rows at a glance.


Same, the table improvements will impact our set-up so much that we ideally postpone the go live of our customers. Because we need to do a lot of rework in views after the release.


I would like to see table improvements as well! I love all of the other improvements that we’ve got recently, but a fully featured table view would get rid of a lot of janky report views and make my whole process much cleaner.


@jondkinney @Tim_Kim @YvetteLans @Tommy_Hedley
Not much to show about tables, we are still migrating to AG Grid and even MVP is at least a month ahead…

2023-05-02 09.54.44


This looks great! Will grouping by non-relation fields be possible, like rows in board view? Or is grouping only other databases like in list view?


There is no limit to add that, we will do it in next iterations. But again, first we will just match existing functionality with some improvements, then iterate fast (I hope)


is there already a date for the release of these new tables. Missing this feature and waiting for it to test.