Fibery raises $3.1M Seed Round to build a second brain for teams


Well that’s exciting news. Congrats! :champagne: :clinking_glasses: Now don’t spend it all in one place guys! :wink:

Imagining Fibery team busily building a tool that helps them decide what to do with $3.1 million dollars. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Spend a big chunk of it on some more good programmers, for sure :wink:

Ouch! :open_mouth:

We are going to spend them on marketing mostly, so far there is no plans to increase R&D ream.

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That was not meant to be disparaging – sorry if it seemed that way :cry:
We are all impatient for the progress we know is coming, that is all.


No, it was totally fine! I just clarified our plans.


Congrats!! Nice weekend.

This is actually where I was thinking that it needed to be spent!

@mdubakov You and your team have done a really, really great job building top-tier products in your entrepreneurial endeavors, but cracking the code on your presence in the marketplace (mindshare and subsequent marketshare) seems to have been a challenge.

I always felt like Targetprocess should have been recognized as much as Jira. Now that y’all are in the “all-in-one” no-code workplace tool, I want Fibery to be appreciated as much as Notion, Coda, Airtable, and now Clickup!

Y’all deserve a kick-butt B2B brand presence—the same kind that has created for itself over the past several years.


Absolutely. Though I have some concern that the “it” factor can get lost in the rat race. Notion felt like it caught on organically as much as through the force of marketing presence. I feel like Fibery is on that same trajectory because of the way @mdubakov and crew “think” about the product.

I read a comment by Michael talking about Fibery’s financial runway. He clarified they had two years at their current operating level. After seeing soooo many tools come and go, I was comforted to know exactly how much time I’d have with this product in the worst case. When I saw the funding announcement, my immediate thought was “Great! Now they’ll be around even longer.”

User adoption requires time. And, Fibery readily admits the learning curve is steeper here than with some other products. So, maybe Customer Success would be their best “marketing” investment. Happy users of tools like these love to tell their stories.

So, though I feel the same ways as Joseph (@JDraschil), Fibery indeed does deserve the spotlight, I feel like burning too much cash on marketing without knowing new users will stick could be a terrible waste.