Fibery extension should catch a Command-K (search) and pop up the search dialog

I just noticed there’s a fibery extension! I would dearly love to see it add the capability to catch any Command-K (search) shortcut keypress and pop up the fibery search dialog, then open a new tab with the selected (or created) entity rendered. That would save a huge amount of jumping around between browser windows and tabs for me! It would mean I no longer had to remember where my fibery tab was and switch to it, in order to interact with fibery: and 99% of my interactions with fibery start by summoning the search dialog in any case: so this would basically mean that fibery was directly accessible, no matter what’s open in my current browser tab.

Thanks for the idea, noted! :muscle:

FYI it’s possible to simulate a web app using chrome, see here:

This can be useful when you want Fibery to operate as a unique instance as opposed to one of many browser tabs.
It makes Fibery easier to find, at least :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, good point: much prefer that you guys enhance the extension though :wink: