Feature Request: Use AI to create reports or modify report calculations

Would be amazing to use AI to create reports. Reporting calculations are very complex, so leveraging AI to write reporting calculations or generate from scratch would be extremely helpful.

This is somewhat related to using AI to create automation scripts: 🤖 Feature Request: AI Generation for Scripts

I’m pretty sure they have mentioned this is planned, and I agree it would be especially helpful! Fibery’s report feature is one of the most powerful in this product segment, but it requires some good understanding to utilize well. Ideally AI would make it more accessible to more people.


Yes this would be awesome :star_struck:

So true. I have a long list with dashboards that I want to build but didn’t found the time yet since I first need to understand how it works in Fibery. Would be great if you can save time with AI.

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We have this in future plans