Feature request: integrate clickup items into Fibery with "Task Type"

When integrating Clickup tasks into Fibery, “Task Type” is not supported.
May I ask if it can be supported?

Can you provide some screenshots of what you’re experiencing, I’m not sure i understand where/what the error is.

Clickup 3.0 support for custom “Task Type”, but when I add integration of Clickup, there is no field of “Task Type”.
The introduction of Clickup Task Type can be found here.

Like this:

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Thanks for the clarification. Task Types was introduced to CU after the Fibery integration was released.
Don’t know if/when Fibery will add support for it I’m afraid to say, but the request is noted.

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In ClickUp everything is a task. The introduction of ‘task type’ feels like a ‘sort of database’ solution.

If I look at the screenshot you’ve shared, it feels to me that those can be databases. You will have plenty of functionality in Fibery then :smile:

Maybe you can create an export from ClickUp, then create a database per task type and import the applicable entities into the correct database? Good luck!

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Thanks for the walkaround, but I have so many spaces.
Hope Fibery will add the feature.
Thanks again.