Failed to execute Action: Loop is detected (while it's not a loop)

I have a chain of entities in db Operation: Operation A is related to Operation B through field ‘Next Operation’.

First rule:

When: field Timestamp is updated
Then: add new entity of db Rule Run, set its field "Next Operation’ to the entity of Parent Operation field ‘Next Operation’.

Second rule:

When: entity of db Rule Run created
Then: do something and update field ‘Timestamp’ of entity in field Next Operation.

What happens:

  1. I manually set the TimeStamp of Operation A and the First rule is triggered
  2. Created Rule Run 1 has parent entity Operation A
  3. Rule Run 1 triggers the First rule again on Operation B → "Failed to execute Action ‘Add Rule Runs item’, Loop is detected*.

However that is not a loop because the rule is triggered on another entity.

Loop detection merely means that an automation has caused a cascade of events that has resulted in the same automation being triggered again. It doesn’t matter whether that re-triggering relates to the same entity or not.

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Also relevant:

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Thank you both for that information. I hope this limitation will be resolved soon, it prevenst a lot of useful solutions.

In the meantime, I solved it by creating enough rules as I expect there will be chained automations, which works: