Error/typo in API documentation

In the API documentation where
“Collaboration Documents/secret”
has been used (e.g. ), it seems it needs to be
in order to work.

Believe this is due to something they said they are going to fix later.
When stuff are added automatically by Fibery, it uses ~ instead of spaces. When user creates it, uses spaces.

Many thanks to Martin for answer :sparkling_heart:

From our side - we can’t avoid tildes (at least for now) - so we promise to fix that part in the documentation :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the heads up!
We’ve updated the docs to use Collaboration~Documents.

We’ve migrated most of our App and Type names to spaces but there are a few legacy exceptions. Collaboration~Documents is the most notable of them. If your workspace was created before 2020, there is a chance some other Apps still include ~ in their names.

When it comes to App/Type/Field names, the source of truth is your schema: Fibery API.

Great, thanks everyone :slight_smile: