Enable playback in Fibery of uploaded media (attachments) from Discourse Topics

Problem: I have Discourse and Fibery connected, and images get imported into Fibery from Discourse, but uploaded videos (playable in Discourse) do not. A placeholder - blank “player” view shows - but it is not actually playable. I’m guessing this is due to cross-site security concerns or something.

Desired solution: Uploaded video(s) should be playable within the Fibery mirror of the Discourse content. Since Fibery theoretically has full access to the Discourse data via the API, you’d think it would be possible to just authorize for access to the file. That would be my preferred solution.

An alternative would be to download the file(s) during data sync and add them as an attachment to the Fibery Entity. This is less desirable to me, mainly because it unnecessarily bloats file storage in Fibery. But at least Fibery opens files directly into a new browser tab for viewing instead of automatically downloading them (as some other tools do for some reason), so it would totally be workable that way too.

This is a minor one, but for certain purposes could actually be really useful.

Some background: I am starting to feel like one of Fibery’s greatest strengths is in the general area of “feedback management”, particularly for software development, but potentially for many other things as well. This derives from its ability to mirror the data model of other apps, and to integrate their content, and then reference, backlink, etc. on that content, to clearly associate e.g. an Intercom chat, with a Discourse forum topic, with a Zendesk ticket, and connect all that to a single Insight, Feature, or Task.

I’m not aware of any (many?) other tools that can do this outside of their own native data silos. There are “omnichannel” tools like Messagebird, etc. that can pull together multiple communications channels into a single interface and have simple tickets associated. But this doesn’t let you really relate it to larger work planning for e.g. a software product. It also doesn’t support all channels, e.g. Discourse. Of course you can pull in a lot of things to a variety of tools using Integromat, for example ClickUp. But ClickUp’s limited data model makes this a lot less effective and clear to use vs. Fibery. But if anyone knows of another tool that does this kind of thing well with native functionality, let me know!

Discourse is by far the most popular forum/async (i.e. not chat) community platform I see being used by software developers, and for good reason IMO. So I take advantage of the great Fibery integration with Discourse and often recommend focusing issue reports into Discourse (vs. other channels like e.g. Facebook). Lately I am seeing a lot of people reporting issues with attached videos to demo the issue, which is great. But without being able to actually view these in Fibery, it adds friction to the issue triage process.

P.S. It feels funny to make a feature request I myself am not willing/able to vote on, but having just 10 votes makes it tough not to end up in that situation. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: