Embed in Markdown Template

is it possible to use embeds (of views) in the markdown template?

Do you mean that you want to write markdown (in an automation action?) which will convert to a view when it is rendered?

in my daily notes i want to have a filtered view of tasks that are due today.

i would solve that with a view that does that. i know how to embed that by hand… but can’t find the correct code in the docs to do that in an automation

I am also very interested in how a script could generate embedded views in a Rich Text (via markdown or otherwise).

This capability would provide a workaround to the limitation that embedded view filters cannot reference “this entity”.

It sounds like you wish to write markdown that will generate and embed a view (not just embed an existing view).
In the short-term, I think it is unlikely that this will become possible, since it would require making available an accessible syntax for describing/specifying a view and all its settings (type of view, data source, filters, fields-to-show, sorting, colour coding…)
Having said that, with the advances in AI, it might turn out that creating a view by describing it (without a formal syntax) could be an option.

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What I want to do is embed a predefined view. So nothing fancy :wink:

There is an API for views, but it’s not clear if it only refers to the old notion of “view” that was specifically about Documents.

(sorry this note is a bit rumbly… will have to edit later)

" i do want exactly that" is what i wanted to write … but yes … you are complete right, that it would have to have properties set related to the date of the file …

for this example for the daily note to see at one glance what is due today would be enough to go the predefined route - as it does not matter if i open up an old day and the tasks are not really related to that day particulartly … i have a view of tasks filtered by “all due before today” and i want that to be part of my daily note that is created by an automation every day.

i would just find it handy to have this dashboard like view of a day where i also can interact and put information that is less than an entity and also not worth a single document them selves. and to have them as “notes of the day” in relation with all the mails and stuff as well … and for that the doc needs to define the filtered things … ah this is a bit more complicaated than i thought

right now i link meetings and emails that are from this day with relationsships to this daily note … but this is already a bit much data squished into a cell that could be solved with a simple filtered embed too … as long as the filter can take a value of the current file (mail.creation date = dailynote.creation date)

i could introduce a relationship to all tasks and then filter by date … but I don’t think this is a good solution as it would make all tasks related to every day … even with auto-link this would put A LOT of data inside the cells which would not be needed

so how to do this dashboard view of things? including buttons and stuff … so the way would be to create a single “daily note master” and then embed filtered views that are taking the current date as filter “is today” … and also include an embed of a daily note as a feed … or something like that … I will figure it out :slight_smile: