Email integration creates duplicates when messages are moved from folders


I installed an email integration with my Gmail account and selected every folder except the [GMAIL] folder which, for some reason, always causes an error in the sync (“Unknown Mailbox: [Gmail] (Failure)”)

I toggled the option NOT to delete the Fibery entities when the original email is deleted in Gmail.

For every e-mail in inbox a duplicate entity is created in Fibery, one with the Folder Field set to INBOX and another with the Folder set to [Gmail]All Mail

That’s because in Gmail, folders really are labels (ie tags ie many-to-many relationships). So that the same e-mail appears in two folders. They should not be duplicated.

When the INBOX e-mail is archived in GMAIL, the duplicate with the INBOX folder is not deleted (even if the toggle is off)

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Hello, @maxlinworm

Thanks for feedback. We will try to reproduce and fix “Uknown Mailbox”. Regarding labels indeed the message will be duplicated if it appears for different labels due Gmail implementation.


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Fixed in latest release