Editing Rich Text destroys inline comments

  • I created a Checklist [] in a Rich Text, and added an inline comment on some text; the comment contained an @mention.
  • I wanted to change my text (with inline comment) from a Checklist to an H3.
  • Ctrl+Alt+3 does not work to convert the Checklist line to an H3.
  • so I backspaced over the checkbox at the beginning of the line containing the inline comment.
  • The inline comment disappeared when the line changed to a normal paragraph.
  • Undo (Ctrl+z) did not bring back the missing comment.
  • Restoring from the Rich Text History also did not bring back the comment.

More Rich Text Weirdness:

  • On a normal-paragraph line that begins with an @mention
    Converting the line to an H4 by typing #### at the beginning results in the @mention being duplicated.
  • When I try to Undo that change with Ctrl+Z, it only undoes two # characters; Additional presses of Ctrl+Z result in a popup menu that flashes and immediately disappears, and the remaining two ## do not get deleted.
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This would be useful. Being able to track old and resolved comments in the history might be a good starting point.

Many thanks for the report, confirm that is a bug :pray: