Drill-Down in Board View

Love the new Grid View and the ability to unfold sub-items like the List View.

For my (scrum) team the (Kanban) Board View is crucial for Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming and all the usual agile shebang. For this, we need the ability to show both User Stories as well as Tasks. JIRA does a nice job with this:

While the basic Board View allows for some workarounds with formulae, it’s far less powerful than the Grid and List view, where I can filter and sort the cards.

We’re using quite a bit of nesting and so, I would want to have the support for hierarchies and the grouping that comes with it and the ability to choose the card size.


Do you mean that you would want nesting hierarchies (a bit like list view) within each ‘cell’ of a board view?

So here is what I can do with some additional formulae on an entity (which is spammy, especially as State is a reserved word) and some manual (error-prone) sorting:

As requested before, a dynamic would help me half-way, but in reality, I’d want to be able to have my (in this case) Capability and unfold it to see the Features in it.

In the JIRA example above you see two interesting behaviours:

  1. Right bottom (SMART-44) belongs to SMART-43 → a child gets grouped to its parent
  2. Middle bottom (SMART-29) belongs to SMART-3 → and if there are multiple, they usually get grouped without the parent

YES, absolutely!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Request noted :slight_smile:

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