[DONE] "Watcher" of an Entity

@anna is there something you need above and beyond what is discussed in the topic I linked to?
If not, are you happy that we merge them?

You can merge them, thanks!


I created a “Notify me of new Comments” Automation for everyone who is “watching” an entity. (i add users as watchers automatically when people leave a comment in a relation to “Users” field)

Now all users get notified of a new comment on an entity they are watching. great. BUT assignees get this notification twice (once with the fibery internal notification, once from my setup notification [including the comment text btw])

as i cannot filter out “if author is assignee” in the comments, I odnt see a way to block this …

as i dont want to setup notifications for all other databases - and still want to get notifications about stuff (setting of notifications is “on”) - how can i filter these double notifications out?

as I dont want to “assign” a task to everyone who comments on it … i dont really know how to solve this otherwise…

also the internal notification makes the new comment glow in yellow … while my own notification isnt …

AND it would be great if both are actually LINKING to the comment and scroll there automatically

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We’re currently working on a new Watcher functionality as an active action, so hopefully that would solve the issue you have now :pray:


Implementation started this week. Thank you for the patience.



Not sure if this if planned for, but would be useful to be able to filter by “Where watchers includes (me|user)”. Also be able to access/modify watchers in automations.

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Watch action for automations is in scope, Filter is not yet (but we do have such feature).


Progress update. Some early beta we started to use internally today.


Implemented in new release

If you miss something, add comments to release notes please.