[DONE] Timeline view backlog improvement

I found this by searching in this forum and happening on someone else’s question, but I love the backlog in Timeline view, that appears when you click the inbox icon next to the view’s name. It’s kind of a secret, like alt/opt-clicking some of the things to see the json.

Currently when you click the backlog item, you get a “plan for today” and a “open details” selection in the dropdown menu.

It would be good if you had a couple more, just to reduce friction and clicking:

  • plan for today
  • plan for tomorrow
  • plan for next week
  • open details

Thanks for possibly considering.

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This is interesting and please add my vote! I have not gotten this deep into Fibery yet but eager to find this feature and see it in action! My vote here is mainly due to 100% agreement that as many possible shortcuts that can be implemented of this nature, that reduce keystrokes, are always good.


If it’s not clear what I’m leading to, I can tell you more

@alex.mart So far you can click icon near Step-Project Timeline title and it show all items with no dates. We will improve it later.

Ok, this very nice feature was hide from me. It’s difficult to find it.
Thanks for “timeline backlog”

But i can not drop it to timeline! (and set some range of dates in the same time) like i can drop it inside timeline.

@alex.mart I couldn’t find it either, but it’s useful. Just click the task under backlog, and you can schedule it for today, then drag it where you need it.

Started. We are going to make it better this way