[DONE] Properties easily visible on an Entity

Hey guys. Sorry if this is overlapping other feature requests or items in motion. I am really missing a basic feature of other apps I’ve used through the years like Wrike, Jira, etc. where you see as a default piece of info on an entity’s view some basic “properties.” I’m referring to creation date, who created, etc. I can configure a similar view here:

But in this one, I’m missing the creator of the entity.

So I’d like to request that when configuring an entity view, you add something called, say, “properties” that would just be when the entity was created, and by whom.

This is really helpful as you start to get a volume of entities in the system and you want to recall the origin of things that get into a deeper backlog, which is inevitable for better or for worse with all teams, haha!

Thanks guys!

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