[DONE] Multi-panel context-preserving navigation

Released today

I had assumed Middle-Click or at least Ctrl-Click would allow this, but nope! Ctrl-click is close, but it opens in “context-preserving” mode, i.e. the entity view opens alongside, not in a dedicated, full view. I would rather consider that a bug, though I’m not sure how easy it is to solve.

Thanks for pointing out the ctrl+click option. I use that quite often for clicking on inline entities.

What I was thinking is that sometimes you have an entity view open and you realize it would be better to open it separately. I thought adding another button to the top row might be the easiest way of ‘undocking’ the entity view from the current tab:


I actually didn’t know about the middle-click. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work work me. Where can you use the middle click to interact with entities?

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Interesting, but to clarify, did you intend this button to literally open the currently open Entity in a new browser tab? If so, what happens to the open entity in the original tab? Does it auto-close?

In most websites middle-click will open a link in a new tab. So that’s all I was referring to. Fibery takes over the mouse functions for its own approach, so it doesn’t work (Ctrl is a more forceful way to do it which still only partially works). But it could work if Fibery allowed it to. Of course not everyone has (or knows) middle-click. Alt-click is a common option in Fibery, but also seems to do nothing different than a regular click. Alt+Click to open in a new tab could be interesting, though just properly handling the more familiar Ctrl+Click (force open tab) and not having it open with the split view would be better. And in any case it doesn’t really address your request, as I understand it, for “I have this open in one way but want to open it in another way instead, and do so quickly/easily”.

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Yes, that is what I was thinking. I’m not sure if it is useful to others but I sometimes need to have two entities in full screen (most often on two different displays). To be honest, this isn’t be a big deal, but having a button saves at least 3-4 clicks and a paste operation.

I think it could be amazing if you could bring the entity you moved into a new browser into the previous context somehow (i.e. go the other way and close the new tab and bring the entity view back into the original window). Not sure if that is even possible!

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Getting that advanced starts to become more the realm of an Electron-based desktop app IMO. Where you could have Fibery running as a dedicated, installable app (not a PWA), and it could have multiple windows that you could perhaps flexibly rearrange, split views, etc. Sounds like a lot of work though, heh. I doubt the team will go that route. But it’s useful to know what people want/need, of course.

For sure and I don’t see that as a great need. I assume that a desktop app will be in the horizon at some point in the distant future (but I could be wrong).

For now, I will be happy with a button to just open the current view in a brand new tab like this:

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I had to disable this feature today after using it for like a month?

Opening the panels with rest of the fields hidden doesn’t work for us. Over time it gets tiresome to click every time that icon to show the other fields. If you have spaces that use mostly rich text fields and relations i guess it’s ok, but unless there’s a way to see the fields on the main view, I’m afraid we can’t use this anymore.

This not applies just to me, our entire team had the same experience.

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I feel your pain :slight_smile: We’ve started Pinned Fields implementation today, so you will be able to select all important fields to be visible in central column and quickly editable

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Here is how it will work

2022-04-05 22.00.10

Pinned fields prototype. What do you think?

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This is a great one!! and the ability to hide fields is wonderful
Few concerns viewing the demo

  1. the pinned fields look like tags and I’m not sure all users will understand they can click on them to change the value
  2. The ability to hide fields looks like it opens from the “add field or relation” button which can be a bit confusing

With that said it will still be great if I will see it in our workspace tomorrow :slight_smile:

Noted! As for hide fields, we will add similar thing for right panel, so you will be able to show/hide fields on the right as well.

It means there will be two places where it is possible to show/hide fields:

  1. Pinned fields area
  2. Right panel area

Has there been any consideration around date fields?

As an example, we have a very basic entity called milestone.

The only field the user needs to set is the date, but currently requires 3 clicks to do that, and one is hidden behind a fairly cryptic icon.

If the database does not have any fields in the main area, perhaps the right hand items should expand to be full width by default?

(this has since been addressed, see the thread below)

Yes, you can date fields in pinned area. Regarding the missing part in the main area we will fix this behaviour. Thanks a lot!

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tag style works, i like the implementation.
people when they want to change something they first click on it, especially if they are tags so i don’t think there’s an UX issue with that

Yea, we had the same issues

Any ETA when we’ll have this at least as experimental feature?

My hopes are 2-3 weeks.

Hi. We made improvements. If main area doesn’t have any field, fields from sidebar panel will be shown in main area. I hope it will be useful for our case.