[DONE] Index comments in search

Hi, since this is a big need of my team, and others have mentioned it, and there is no explicit request for it, I am creating it now.

Right here @mdubakov mentions that the team wants to collect more feedback about it, so hopefully this post is an opportunity for them to see the specific support for this outside of various mentions & commentary in other non-dedicated threads.

I’d also like to put in a plug for this request:

This is something you can do in Clubhouse.io and it’s very useful.

Comments are a huge piece in any collaboration app, and I really hope we can get some first-class improvements in them soon.



It is an important feature. To avoid cluttering the search results, the search popup will need to have a way to deselect search in comments (and other filters improvement, like selecting multiple Types on the right) when we want to target more precisely results.


We have this feature in our backlog, your feedback was added into it. Thanks! We do consider to implement it in near future.


Thanks, great to hear Michael, we are one team that really needs it! And gets you ahead of Notion, Coda, AirTable - none of them do this!

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Implemented in latest release

Thank you again for making this happen guys!