[DONE] Feed View

Feed View shows selected Rich Edit field in a list mode, so you can quickly read content and make changes. There are several useful cases:

  • Read and tag a bunch of feedback related to a product/feature/customer
  • Groom backlog before a planning session
  • Decompose Feature into Stories with descriptions
    (context Feed View)
  • Read Daily Updates
  • Read retrospectives results

This would be awesome if it also had the ability to show other fields somewhere, at least like on the card view, so we don’t have to open each item separately to see them (for ex. you’ll want to see right away in what category the post is or what’s the due date, etc)

It is possible to select fields, they will be visible in an entity row


Feed View + Panels navigation

2022-01-19 12.43.33


This sounds like a good addition, and something we can use.

Here’s my feedback based on how we’d use it:

Our setup

We work a lot with images inside the rich text field, which is how this view is likely to be the most useful for us. For our specific use-case, there could be things that made it more handy, but may be too specific to us.

Imagine this hierarchy:

customer A
    └ order #1
        └ item B
        └ item C
            └ supplier order #1
            └ supplier order #2
        └ item D
            └ supplier order #3

Inside each item X we have image(s) + extra specs that is unique to this item (so we can’t rely on fields for some specs).

How it is now

We have to navigate in and out of each item in the order to re-cap/show the customer while they’re here physically, or through screenshots sent digitally. The new panel view made this process a lot quicker already.

How we’d use Feed View as-is

We only have 1 customer in studio at a time, so we’d create 1 feed view.

This view would show posts of type item, and some of the most used fields in them, like product category, product, quantity, price, and some other fields.

Now this view would show all items every customer have made in every order, ever. Not exactly what we want/use.

So from there we’d apply a client/global filter. Either to show items that belong to Order or to Customer.

Now we have a feed of the items the customer have ordered, showing images and unique as well as common specs.

Things that will be hard to do

I can think of one thing when I tested it out.

When customer arrives, we would search for the customer in Fibery and open it. From that view we’d create a new order. Inside the order, we’d create new item's as they find things they want.

Now we have a complete order and would like to review it. The hard part is now going from this view to the feed view of all the items we created.

There’s two approaches to the whole thing as I can think of:

  1. Memorize the generated order name (Ordre #278: Martin Haslien) from where we left off above
  2. Navigate to Feed view
  3. Change the filter to show item related to the memorized order


  1. Instead of creating ìtemfromorder` view, we’d do it from the Feed view
  2. We’d still have to go Search → Customer → New Order
  3. We’d still have to memorize, navigate to Feed view, and change filter, then create from there

During the review part we’d still likely add/remove/change item'. Therefore it’s nice that it does automatic relationships (new item automatically uses filtered order) based on filter like it does now when creating new ones.

As I understand, this problem will be solved when you will be able to add Feed View right into the Order entity (it will be possible relatively soon with Blocks). In this case you will see all items right in the order as a feed.

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That would be incredibly useful!
Also yes, it would indeed solve that problem :slight_smile:

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This is in progress, I am hesitant to provide estimates, but as an experimental feature it may be released in few weeks.


Love that experimental features option :slight_smile: Can’t wait

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Yes, me too. I was a big Gmail “Labs” feature user for a long time, I am inclined to try things before they’re “done”. So I love this.

Feed view is a bit buggy still (@mdubakov do you want bugs reported here, or is it too unpolished to worry about yet?). But extremely promising and useful. It reminds me of something Filemaker Pro does, a tool I worked with some 15+ years ago now, but which had some really great capabilities that newer tools like Notion, etc. still lack. So it is great to see Fibery adding some of these very useful, well-considered views, etc.

We know about 8 open bugs, but please post some as one-liner below, maybe we missed something!

I originally posted a bug but was fixed after a few refreshes.

What I don’t like much is if we have multi panel feature enable, the feed view doesn’t have a background color and it’s hard to read it… looks much readable when multi panel is disabled and there’s a background. Maybe a gray default background at least.

This is better:
Screenshot on 2022-01-20 at 22_30_22

than this:
Screenshot on 2022-01-20 at 22_31_42


I can’t reproduce it easily now, but about 45 mins ago when I first tried it, the Titles of the feed view items/entities would stick/duplicate on scroll (vertical with mouse wheel) when the entity view pane was open on the right-hand side. In other words:

  1. Open feed view
  2. Click entity to open alongside
  3. Scroll feed view
    Result: previous entity titles would stay “stuck” in their original positions, while the feed scrolled beneath, with its own titles as well (i.e. duplicated titles, one set static based on the state when the entity was first-opened).

Would be much easier to illustrate with a quick GIF, but I didn’t capture it at the time. :smile: If I run into it again I will definitely record one and share it!

Feed View is live. Here is the Daily Check-ins Template that shows its usefulness

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Hi guys, I was excited to see this feature as any sort of way to view global info on an App is needed. Very glad to see you can select which Rich Text fields are available. The ability to customize Rich Text fields in Fibery is a huge differentiator, most apps just have one generic “description” field.

However, my team makes use extensively of comments, not Rich Text fields, to update our work, ask questions, etc. We DO use Rich Text for all sorts of other needs, but it’s more to build out work, track feedback (which is a big benefit of Fibery obviously), etc.

So when it comes to this:

We use almost exclusively comments. We do a lot of software development and project management in Fibery, and all the other tools for those functions I’ve dealt with (Jira, Wrike, Asana, ClickUp, etc.) leverage comments the same way, and they offer various feeds of comments that provide a great way to keep updated on all the goings-on in a given area.

In Fibery this could be very useful in these cases:

Software development app: You have a hierarchy like Epic → Story → Task. If you could read all the comments in the tasks, you’d see all the activity in development at a glance

Project Management: Initiative → Project → Task. Similarly, as you work through your tasks and update them, in the Feed you could see ALL activity in ALL projects at a glance.

I think the big benefit of comments vs. doing these updates in Rich Text fields is you have 1) info on WHEN the comment was made, and 2) info on WHO made the comment.

Likewise, References are a huge piece we use a lot, and also constitute updating Entities. References are a real game changer in Fibery, and one use of them is to very quickly add a mention of another entity with a simple click of “#” and then typing the name of the reference. My team has a routine where we scan both comments and references to look for updates. This is because sometimes you can update an entity when commenting in another entity by just tagging the referenced entity. This is a huge time saver - without this capability, you’d need to go copy and paste the relevant update in both entities.

I’ve created a separate request for this here:

Thanks guys and I hope you can add these key update pieces into Feed soon!

I have to say, you’re right about this. Even the provided example template shows a flaw in the concept for the process: “today” is meaningless, as is “yesterday”, etc. If you have a meeting every day I guess it works, and obviously if you have one every week you can adjust the words you use. But this is a fragile, trust-based and unreliable approach. Comments solve the problem of automatically capturing both who updated and when, and both pieces of info are critical for good status meetings. So I’m inclined to agree that Comments and possibly References should be added to Feed View as primary fields.

Also @mdubakov since this is now implemented and more or less complete, I suggest Closing this topic to release the votes. :slight_smile: I’d do it myself but I don’t have those powers (yet? :smile:).