[DONE] Documents: Embedded entities table

Hi guys,

it would be great to have ability to display table/list of entities in documents.

For instance, I have a table view “On Vacation Today”. I can create a document and add this view. So we can combine different views, content on the one page like Notion does. Right now it’s possible to add link to the entity only.

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@Chr1sG any decision on this?

You’ll have to ask @mdubakov and the Fibery team :slight_smile:
I have seen that there has been a lot of discussion within and outside this forum about the topic, and he has indicated that it’s in the backlog.


@Chr1sG oh, got it. Let’s wait for the Fibery team response then. Thank you!

We are still think about it and it is in plans, can’t give any timeframe so far unfortunately


Implemented some months ago