[DONE] Configurable Dashboards

Dashboard of information of interest to the user. Like TP.


Yes, I move forward I can see a need for some dashboard-type views across Fibery. Some points:

  • Ability to see a high-level view of multiple entities across several apps
  • Some roadmapping-type views
  • Progress Bar in the case of entities that are children of each other, when setting up Projects and tasks, etc.



Hey guys, just wanted to flag this up again. Starting to be a really big need of mine, as my team has trouble figuring out where to “start out” when they log into Fibery. Agree 100% with @Shafqat_Ullah you did great work in TargetProcess. The Dashboards are a real strength, and solves a real weakness of Jira.

As far as Fibery-similar tools, Notion can handle this well with it’s configurable Pages and ability to embed the data entities. I think in fact this is probably one of their top strengths. However Coda and Airtable really have no good similar “team home page” solution.

Would love to hear where you see this on the roadmap. I think it would be a great related build alongside hierarchies when you get to those.



Currently we are thinking about Dashboards and its future implementation in Fibery and are collecting requests from users. Thanks for raising up this topic!


Thanks Polina, that’s great to know that you guys are actively looking at this!

With the ability to Embed Views in Rich Text you could essentially create a dashboard out of a combo of embeds, including tables, calendars, timelines, and charts. If Rich Text had column options, it would be as powerful as Notion, with the addition of charts, so even more so. :smiley:

So this is one more situation where Embeds in Rich Text solves another problem, at least in part. Maybe there is benefit in having a dedicated “dashboard”-type page, but Notion gets by well without it and I can’t personally think of a need besides an activity/notification stream that wouldn’t be served by embeds…


This is in plans, but not near future plans.

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Hi guys, wanted to flag this up again, it’s becoming an increasingly needed feature for me as more of my team comes into Fibery. A landing page when you get into the app showing “my projects,” “my notifications,” “my urgent tasks” etc. is very essential.

I couldn’t put it better than this:

TP had one of the best solutions on the market, and it seems to me all you need to do is be able to have a page where you could add in widgets of info from the various areas of Fibery, including Notifications, and this could be achieved.

And @Oshyan to your discussion re: Discourse, this should be in Fibery’s system as having 6 votes, correct, as we have 6 “hearts” on the initial request?

Thanks guys!

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Edit: The functionality described for rich text embeds is the kind of functionality I’m looking for.

Wanted to bump this as well. Was doing a review of productivity apps and fibery looks amazing, but you are just lacking the ability to embed multiple views in a page. Referencing specific entities in a page is somewhat useful, but pretty limited on its own. I want a one-stop shop I can send specific groups of our organization, which contains active todos, entity references, links to meeting notes, etc.

My use case is this:

  • I am responsible for organizing our product work across organizations
  • I often have meetings with each organization to review action items, prioritization, etc
  • I’d like to be able to create a Meeting Notes template, which includes key references, plus a general area from notes
  • So, I’d have a type that is tasks and it would have a relation to an assignee or organization

More specifically:

  • A weekly meeting with marketing
  • At the top I’d want a view of all ToDos that are not done and are associated with marketing or specific assignees
  • Below the view of todos, I’d have sections for general areas like Email, SEO, SEM, etc… which would be entities that I’d link to
  • Under one of the topics, I might write something that turns out to generate an action
  • I’d like to quickly turn that bullet into a ToDo, but leave it in place where the notes were taken, then it would also appear at the top of the doc in the ToDos view
  • The next weekly meeting, I’d just generate a copy of the same template, which would automatically have the ToDos at the top, and the framework to take notes for the meeting

Great points, I could use all of this, too!

I too would like traceability for when a to-do is created in the meeting, you can see it originated there. Highlights/References are helpful here, but you have to get into some drawn out ways to format text to get the full benefit, including this issue:

You also touch on Templates, a big need as recreating some of your set up would be helped out quite a bit with that capability.

Would appreciate “hearts,” which some of us (colleague @Oshyan at least) think are counted as votes, on these linked requests, as well as any others. I think that is the best way you can influence development of these features more quickly!


Would love to get an update re: Dashboards, and any related Work Management stuff like reminders, better notifications/comments, etc. Looking at today’s WIP:

Sadly, this request, with about as many hearts as any here in Discourse, does not seem on the horizon.

My need for this is growing with each passing week. @Oshyan I know you’ve said (but sorry I can’t find it now) that we are still lacking with a lot of collaborative stuff of this nature. I would like simply a way for my team to login and hit a “homepage” that shows urgent tasks, mentions, comments, maybe some basic graphs, etc. And also the ability to customize some notifications, for example an overnight list of overdue tasks if one so desires.

Thanks and really hoping to see movement on this soon!


In general I agree with you, however there are several aspects to this work that suggest to me it will be a while before we see it. I would guess these are at least somewhat separate and all significant areas of work, all of which will be necessary to get what you’re asking for:

  • Reminders (notification based on date, priority, etc.)
  • Enhanced activity feeds (e.g. filters for @ vs. comment vs. other change notifications, priority level, etc.)
  • Embedding of views
  • “Dashboards”, i.e. a new type of clickable view or “location” that views/feeds can be instantiated and configured within (although if embedding in rich text is implemented first, you could create a “dashboard” out of page or entity rich test field)

So the question to my mind is: what should be worked on first? What feature would you rather have sooner, independent of the others?

For me the choice is clear: reminders, including date-based, and including email notifications per-event or as digests.

I suspect that further work on Automations may actually be how “Reminders” might be handled, assuming we can easily create a global “Automation” that looks something like:
“If due-date > 3 days then notify assignees every day until completed” and have that apply to a whole set of types and/or apps.


Embedded views :slightly_smiling_face:


@B_Sp We are still thinking about Blocks (it will close Embedded Views and Dashboard cases). However we did not decide about implementation scope and dates, so I don’t think we’ll have something here in the next 3 months. Our priorities are Permissions, Fear Management/Usability/Getting Started, and Automations. For the next 2 months for sure.


I’d like to see some more definition of “Fear Management” as it seems to get a lot of attention on your guys’ social channels, blogs, here in the forum when you guys actually write comments. But it seems to be something that contains a lot of other requests. It would just be easier to get an idea of the short-term plans of Fibery if you guys put in some time to define this in-depth. We are waiting for Approved requests like this one, or others like this about phone #'s or Home and End buttons not working in dialog boxes, which are approved, but not getting movement. I have need for these requests, and an increasing need for much of what @Oshyan quoted above - Reminders, Embedding of Views, and the topic of this post, Dashboards (which is over 2 yrs old now), yet nothing that I’ve seen characterized as “Fear Management” is of need to me.

Curious about some of the other veterans’ needs around “Fear Management” such as @Chr1sG , @rothnic, @colman, and any of you else who care to jump in here!

Here are top requests based on people feedback. Many of “fear management” things were implemented already (audit log, undelete, etc). Now we are focusing on permissions and user management, automations and integrations, and other requests with many votes. As you see reminders and dashboards didn’t get on top yet. However, some problems with reminders will be solved in Automations, and Embedding Views is something we want to do soon, but again as I mentioned previously we don’t have a good solution yet, so it will take time to explore and find it.


Good question. I don’t know that I’d call this fear management, but maybe: the approved request for versioning in rich text. That discussion is pretty interesting, although I guess I’d say rich text history is the main one now given the audit log.

Maybe this thread isn’t the right place for the discussion, but essentially because of the lack of this feature, Fibery isn’t the easiest place to collaboratively write a document, having to shoe-horn in comments for changes etc.

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We’ve started rich text history last week, it will take 3+ weeks to implement.


Try Column Layout in latest release