Description field text size

Feature Request

The description field is disproportionately bigger than the rest of the page, it’s that big that my notes are taking up huge space. See example image.

Would it be possible to add a font size to the the description field, or at the very least change the ‘normal text’ setting to the actual normal text size and then have a ‘bigger text’ setting for the size it is now - or something similar.

Added: it’s also the same for the comments so I’d like the size of those reduced too.

Thank you! :sunglasses:

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I would definitely be interested in seeing Rich Text capability in the “Text” field on the right, in particular the ability to “#” mention other entities.

I do like the larger Rich Text “Description” field though, as I often use Entities as docs, in which case much of the rest of the fields available I leave off, so the Entity looks almost the same as a Doc in Fibery.

Perhaps you guys could think about the option to have one type of text field, and letting the user choose where it’s located, so it can be big or small?

I would suggest this stays a low priority item, but I think some of this functionality, in particular Rich Text ability in the “plain” text fields come sooner than some other attributes around this stuff.