Description field for Rules and Buttons

Rules only have titles, but it would be great to have the same Description field for objects with a chance to insert entities.
Titles are not enough to explain the purpose and origin of the rule.

Users are requesting different features to improve Fibery in Fibery. With a description field, I can explain the purpose of the rule, and I can link the Task where it was requested.

Moreover, if every rule will be an entity… I know this is too meta :slight_smile:

I hope it make sense

Yep, descriptions for rules would be very useful!

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Completely agree, @kalman!
It would be awesome to be able to reorder rules. I have over 20 rules for some DBs and that is getting a little messy :wink:

Due to the fact that we can have group & and/or options in automations, an automation can become quite huge. See example below.

When we need to explain in the title where the automation is for, the title can become quite long or complex. It would bAe great if we can have a description field like in views where we can add some additional information.

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