Database View for Non-Creators

I created a non-admin view for myself to test different group permission levels. I’m very surprised that every permission level can see the databases when clicking on a space. I assumed only creator levels could see this and everyone else only saw the views. I’m hoping this is a bug and not a design choice as the raw database view is confusing and not very useful to non-creator permission levels.

This also removes my ability to bring in people external to my company and create views/permission groups that only show information relevant to them.

I can’t reproduce the problem. Please make sure that the user indeed does not have Creator/Admin access. I tried with Editor/Contributor/Viewer roles and Database setup screen is not available. When you click on Space you open the first view in the space.

2022-07-27 15.37.37


That’s great news. I must have something configured incorrectly, I’ll investigate. Thanks for the reply!

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I’ve done further testing. I think this is a bug. It goes away when you have a view for that space. If you have no views for that space, then any permission level can see the databases.

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