Ctrl-k search filter "is a View"

When using ctrl-k search, I often find myself wishing for a course search filter to limit my search to Views. Often, I search for content (Document or Entity), or a View.

When I search for a View, I often don’t remember or know if know if its a Table or Tree or Grid. I know it’s a View though.

When I search for content, I’m often not sure if its a Document or some Entity.

I’d like to have some way to just search for Views with ctrl-k, without having to know what View it is. Just a limit to “Views” toggle, as it were.

I’m no fan of having to select what View to filter for, as we have today (see screenshot). Don’t get me wrong, it is good we can do some filtering that none, but I have after using this for a while see, I don’t like it much.

I need to specify the View type - but I can’t remember View type when I search. I want to quickly limit search results though. The current mechanism with dropdown doesn’t help me here, I find.

Selecting one type and then selecting again if no matches? (or matches but not the right one). I’m super lazy but this gets to me. No way. Then its quicker for me to start scrolling, or trying another search phrase.

If I could filter the Views in the sidebar, I would probably do that instead, but currently thats not possible.


I.e. I’d wish I had something like this


Always exceptions: I guess I would remember if it was a Map view :slight_smile:

I guess a filter that limits search to exclude views would be nice as well. But I often have many more content pieces (Documents and Entities) than I have views.

Oh, and I find dropdown to be very slow to use. I know UX designers loves dropdowns. If you give me a toggle or a checkbox though, I love it. But I’m super lazy and want minimum effort. I can probably manage to work with a dropdown such as “Limit to Views, Limit to Content” - altough I would prefer a one-click filter. :stuck_out_tongue: