Create and Manipulate Collection in Formula

As far as I can see, I am not able to manipulate and output Collections in formulae. They seem to always have to be converted into strings with a Join() function? I would like to calculate connections through a formula rather than an Automation:

So I am modelling my component library in Fibery. It consists of:

  1. Products (e.g. Mobile App, Web App, etc.)
  2. View Templates (e.g. Mobile Base, Mobile Login, etc.), which belong to a Product
  3. Views (e.g. Login, Dashboard, etc.) using a View Template
  4. Components (e.g. Navigation, Listing, List Item) which can be nested

A Component can be placed inside another Component, a View or a View Template. I would like a Component to display in which Products it is used, hence a formula that does kinda the following (pseudocode):

Products = [View Templates].Products + [Views].[View Templates].Products
Products += [Parent Components].Products // Note: yeah, simplified the nesting recursion here

Is there any plans adding Collection manipulation in formulae?

Edit: Automation actually cannot solve my problem either.

It sounds like you would like a ‘union’ function, for combining collections. It’s not yet possible, but we have the feature in the backlog

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Thanks @Chr1sG, yes, hadn’t found that thread. Added my comment there.