Confusing UI behavior when creating new entity in list view

See the gif recording below:
When adding/creating a new entity in a list view, clicking the newly created entity has no effect other than that that the focus flips away and reorganizes the list.


In practical day to day use of Fibery, I find this behavior one of the most disturbing.

If I often would make multiple entities immediately after each other (for which this behavior was intended I guess) then it may have been useful, but 99% of the time it is a single entity insert after which I want to open it up to insert content.

I suggest that automatically creating an empty new row should be done with Ctr- Alt- or Shift-enter instead of forcing that as default behavior.

True. I have a ‘shortcut page’ for mobile to easily add items from all kind of databases. When I add an item to the list view and want to open it to add extra information, I have the same problem. Really annoying :joy:

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