Complex Finance Tracking App

I have developed a set of spaces which receives incremental updates from Plaid about my digital banking transactions. After populating those transactions in Fibery, the transactions are promoted into the app space and are able to track transactions for multiple business sharing any number of accounts. There’s also features for charts of accounts, projections, budgets, recurring transactions, etc. I use this single space for both personal and business finances.

Would anyone like to know more? I’m happy to post instructions if so.


I’d be interested in learning more. For me, the most interesting part of people’s custom spaces is the decisions they made on how to structure the space, plus any smart automations/formulas, so if you share the space, please also share your thought processes.

Yes would love to know more!

This is exciting! I’ve encouraged Taylor, the founder of to create a Fibery integration so I can create financial statements here in Fibery as I have in Coda.
I’ve certainly hit a roadblock (mostly mentally) regarding the best way to handle data aggregation outside of the report feature here in Fibery. I’d appreciate all the inspiration and ideas you would share.

Willing to learn more from this, can you just share space, maybe instruction later if you have time

I’m moving across the country, so I’m short on time. I’ll post a quick explanation, followed by an in-depth one when I have more time.

First, I use an external transaction syncing service to pull the raw transaction data from Plaid into Fibery. Specifically, I’m using a custom n8n workflow I created to pull transactions from Plaid whenever new transactions become available, per their webhooks.

The data is loaded into a Plaid space within Fibery. I wanted a Plaid space to first perfectly and easily mirror the Plaid data model. Once the raw data is in Fibery, I use Fibery automations to copy and transform the data into the actual Finance space. This makes debugging a lot easier, and keeps Digital and Cash transactions separate.

The maps of the 2 spaces are below.

Let’s call this good for now. I’ll come back with the specific idealogy behind the finance app setup (it’s a form of double entry accounting and is capable of managing finances for multiple businesses, even if those businesses are running transactions through the same bank accounts). I’ll also post the specific fields, and relationship degrees and such. And automations.


hmm, this can be leverage as a next evidence that fibery’s not a product-product, it can be used in any case.
Do you have consider building periodic report, with me I manually record all expense daily and categoried those transactions, and on weekly or monthly, I need an auto report or dashboard What I spent on, the % (I still waiting fibery update the sum calculation in table view like airtable) … It like google analytics report to compare to Budget plan
It would be nice if you can share the space, btw Have you consider using API instead of n8n as middle trigger ?