Co-existence with Microsoft Teams

Question to the community about how Fibery might co-exist or ideally complement Microsoft Teams. We are newer users of Fibery and Teams is an existing platform for us that is often used as a repository for file collaboration and chat. Layering a new tool like Fibery onto that dynamic is tricky because we don’t want to store files in different locations. Influencing behavior here is tricky so we are considering ways to offer guidance on how a team might use Teams for certain activities but Fibery for others. Would love to share thoughts, experiences, lessons learned with others who are navigating this situation.

We use Slack and I believe have similar problems. The main idea is that Fibery is the single point of truth for all knowledge, while Slack is a useful media for quick communication.

Here are our usage patterns:

  1. We try to keep all long-term valuable information in Fibery, Slack is only for short discussions and notifications. However, quite often long discussion happens in Slack as well, in this case we try to move them into Fibery (at least copy/paste them to related feature)
  2. Every major Feature or Product Area has a special channel in Slack (#search, #blocks, etc) and (#f-publish, #f-multi-panel-nav). Many discussions happen in this channels, important info copied to Fibery
  3. All important files, prototypes, images, etc live in Fibery linked to Features or Product Areas

You can get some more info how we use Slack here (and how we want to solve problems in the future) . | Fibery

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