Click Action Buttons with an Action Button?

Just for the sake of logic organisation (and not having the same code in several places) – is it possible to “click” an Action Button from the script of another Action Button? Call it like a method? Since it is created like a field, I figured it should also be accessible from the script like one?

Simple use case: suppose both tasks and subtasks have an “Assign to me” button. By clicking “Assign to me” on a task can I auto-click “Assign to me” on every connected subtask?

If yes, please help me with the syntax for that 'cause I won’t be able to figure it out myself (I don’t know any JS :grimacing:).


Unfortunately, there is no good way to do that :frowning:

Oh. I see.
Is there a nasty way to do it? :smirk:

Пн, 16 нояб. 2020 г. в 15:06, Polina Zenevich via Fibery Community <>:

So, instead, I can suggest you a button, that will not click action buttons inside children entities, but that will go through all child entities and will assign the one, who clicked on the button on the parent entity.
That will work.
Unfortunately, for now, we can’t write the whole code, but you can use that ready templates :slight_smile:

  1. Assign to me - - to get how to fill in Assignee
  2. Close task and subtasks - - this code allows to change State, and you have to customize it and make not change State, but fill in Assignee.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: