CHANGELOG: March 30 / Weeks on Timeline, some bug fixes

We are heading to public launch April 1st. For us it will be a milestone that Fibery is ready for real production use and stable enough to bring value to collaboration. So there are many small things going on, but weekly release schedule persists.

Weeks in Timeline

Timeline View was improved last week. It works faster and you can select Weeks as a granularity level.

🏄‍♂️ Improvements

  • Add “Create workspace” button in Switch workspace submenu
  • Give new Types a random color instead of gray

:shrimp: Bug fixes

  • Renaming App breaks Charts
  • Charts don’t show LookUp fields
  • Unnamed entity throws error when you try to rename it from left menu
  • Description field is duplicated when switching from loading state to loaded
  • Avatar extension/avatar field can be removed from User type breaking UI as a result
  • Table view: “Add column” button should be available for Creators as well as Admins
  • Charts don’t allow to choose as a source Types with same-named fields

Eager to see how things go April 1, best of luck with that guys!