CHANGELOG: Jan 20 / Integer → Decimal field conversion, Jira Server integration, Feed View (experimental)

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Convert Integer field → Decimal field

One of the major problem is fields types conversion. For example, you created a number field as integer, but then decided that it should be decimal. Or you created a date field, but now you think that time will be required as well.

We’ve started to work on all the conversions, and here is the first one that allows to convert integer to decimal. Just edit the field and change Decimal places to convert the field:

:older_man: Jira Server Integration

We know that people migrating to clouds, but many companies still use Jira Server. Now you can connect your Jira Server account to Fibery and export all the data (or sync all the data). Find Jira in Templates → Integrations section and go ahead:

Rules: configure rules execution on a specific day of the month

Now you can select exact day of the month for the rule execution. For example, this rule will be executed 1st Feb, 1st March, etc.

:microscope: Experimental feature: Feed View

You may try new Feed View (experimental). Enable it in Top left menu → Experimental features. This view is handy when you want to focus on content of many entities, for example:

  • Read and tag a bunch of feedback related to a product/feature/customer
  • Read Daily Updates
  • Read Retrospectives results

We already use it to work with Use Cases and handle incoming feedback.

Your feedback is really appreciated and we are eager to learn your use cases! :ear:

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Formulas: Fix today() recalculation mechanism to survive rabbit restarts
  • Autoscroll from notifications to mention inside heading does not work
  • Doc/whiteboard is not autolinked to the entity when create it from Table View
  • Filter is (wrongly) applied when adding an entity to the same-type column
  • Empty page in attempt to Print any doc

This is interesting and would enable something like a Roam-like daily notes page when combined with a simple automation. Would love to see a form view some day… :wink:

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It could be useful to open / collapse the posts in Feed view (and collapse them by default except the 1st one ?)


Perhaps, yes. But only in my view if there is also a “collapse/expand all” button of some kind. A good part of the point/value of Feed View to me is having everything expanded and being able to just scroll and interact, no extra click to view.

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