CHANGELOG: Dec 15 / Views in Space Setup, Report Templates

Views in Space Setup

As the next step in getting started improvements, we’ve implemented Views inside Space setup. It should help people to understand the difference between Databases and Views, and speed up Space setup for advanced users.

We also improved navigation, now it is easy to jump to Space setup from any View:

2021-12-15 14.03.43

Report Templates

Report Templates simplify reports creation, and may give you some ideas what can be visualized. All templates are dynamic based on Databases you have in the current space.


  • Table View: Drag and Drop columns to re-order them
  • Timeline View: Backlog is more visible now

Fixed bugs

  • It’s possible to delete default state in workflow
  • “Can not update State field: some values are set as defaults” error on saving default state
  • Automations: wrong value displayed in enabled/disabled switcher on first opening after rule auto-disabling
  • Rich Edit: Mention jumps up to the Rich Text automatically

Doesn’t seem to work for Document or Report view :thinking:


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What is the status of Entity-level permissions?

Architecture is nailed and implementation starts on Monday. In ~2 months we will have read-only users, My Space and better View permissions. Only then we will move to per-entity permissions.

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We moved (and continue moving) many processes to Fibery. It’s a pain to create separate spaces because we can’t share all information from the original space :frowning: And as Anton said permissions is #1 request. Hope you guys can focus on this and deliver permissions soon.

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Agreed, allocating more dev resources to finish this feature faster might be a good idea.