CHANGELOG: August 26 / Bi-linked text, Visible fields in Timeline View rows

Bi-linked Text

We’ve released Bi-Directional Hypertext Links in Fibery in June, and this iteration improves linking possibilities.

Now you can select text and bi-link it to any entity in Fibery. For example, link text from an interview to insights (use Cmd + L shortcut to do it fast):

Text links are bi-directional. Jump to the linked insight and see back reference to the interview:

NOTE: So far you can’t create entities from text link dialog, but we are working on it.

Customize Visible Fields in Timeline View Rows

Recently we’ve added fields for columns and rows in a Board View. Now you can set up visible fields for Timeline View rows as well:


  • IsEmpty() function was added into formulas to simplify empty values check.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Not able to delete an entity in the Apps, created from scratch
  • Unable to delete App from which some type was moved
  • Zapier and Slackbot fails to connect to account with Google authentication
  • Entity View: The field moves down after being renamed

Despite the understandable delays, you guys make more progress than most, with useful new features coming quite often. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with this one. I can list of the top of my head things like:

  • Lookups down the hierarchy
  • Lookups themselves - as they came out not long ago!
  • Collections for Lookups (I really like lookups you can tell :slight_smile:)
  • This week’s fields for columns/rows in Timeline
  • Same in boards - huge! - not long ago
  • of course, Highlights/References
  • Writer Mode - ability to pop out Rich Text into various sizes - simply love that and hugely useful to me
  • Closing Windows with an “x” - again so useful to my workflow. I simply cannot stand that this is absent in Notion, haha!

And so on. It might appear that you do seemingly small chunks of functionality at a time with your releases. But you guys come out with something almost weekly among your releases that I immediately start to use, really spot-on execution. Not to throw them under the bus, but ClickUp - which I experiment with a lot - with their very well-known weekly releases often can go weeks before something comes along of actual use that improves their app.

And since I’m in friendly confines here, I will just say re: Notion and Coda, which I follow more than the other stuff, have come out with very little substantive features in my opinion this year. For example, nothing to speak of with either giving any indication they will address bi-directional, which you guys are handling beautifully!

Keep up the great work you have some real evangelists for your vision in this community!!

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Hear hear!

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I agree with most everything you wrote and appreciate you outlining the specific useful additions in recent weeks, it really shows how much progress has been made. But the above, in particular, is I think notable.

When Roam came out with their “big idea” of bi-directional links, I immediately thought two things. 1: “Oh hey, what a cool and useful idea!” and 2: “Wait, this is their main differentiator? Shouldn’t that be something that lots of other tools could just add to their existing systems?”. The answer to 2 is “not necessarily”, it turns out, and may depend on whether certain other good decisions have been made architecturally.

I will say I think Notion has made some bad architectural decisions because they’ve had to totally overhaul the back-end at least twice that we know of. One recently when they added multi-lingual support (and presumable at the same time were setting up the API), the other back in the early days. And even with such architectural overhauls/upgrades, they are slow to debut new features, and have yet to implement bi-directional links. You’d think from a marketing perspective alone they’d prioritize it because the concept is all the rage right now, and lots of other tools are releasing some form of it.

Anyway, this is not about Notion of course. It’s just a great example of how a well-funded, hyped-up product can still not actually be leading in terms of real features and user support. Fibery is the underdog right now, but it has every right to get more visibility, revenue, and long-term success.


Bi-linked text is fantastic and just what we need. It is quite the innovation. One enhancement however - they will need to be able to overlap. Textual analysis isn’t discrete. A paragraph of interview data can relate to many different things for example.

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We have this in mind for sure.