Change background color of a text block / rich edit field to make it easily differentiated

So, I’m kinda new to Fibery and have been learning things out of my curiosity and trials. But one thing I wanted to do and do not know if it’s possible is to change the background colour of two rich text fields of a board.

Is it possible to be done?

Thank u!

Sorry @chico.lima it’s not currently possible.

Ok. Thanks!!! =)

You can do it, but only for your own browser, by using User CSS: (How) can I print/export a Feed view (to PDF)? - #6 by Matt_Blais

Hi, can you provide more info? Do you mean change text for the ENTIRE background from white to yellow for example? Why you need it?

Yes, exactly. It would be just a matter of organizing fields, for a better visualization. Having a text field with a light yellow background, and another with a light blue… to define better the themes on each field.


I would love it if Fibery supported Custom CSS :sparkling_heart:

Actually I would love it if everything supported Custom CSS :grin:


This is a good idea, we will keep it for the future.


Aaannnd now I find myself wanting this too (but without any free votes to give :smile:).