Better implementation of colors - its amazingly powerful in Fibery

As a trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I understand that people often think, learn, visualize, and communicate using multiple sensory modalities. Colors are a very important part of making sense of relationships and meaning.

A probably not so invasive but still very powerful implementation, is text colors.
This could be applied to the text of the entity view title, as well as text in rich text fields.

in both scenario’s I have been struggling for myself and users to create visual anchors in titles and headers. For example,

  • people often overlook pinned fields with a color and need a more prominent color in the title of the entity, or even make the complete header hero background a color.
  • In longer texts, the headers used are looking too much the same. It is hard to distinguish what is a paragraph, which leveldepth the header has, or what importance it has.

Please consider this, I t hink it is very in line with the new strategy of Fibery.

To start, I you could include a font color button in the editor. Later you can implement font color codes etc.


Have you considered making use of callout blocks?

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Yes, thank you, it is useful in ad hoc needs to emphasize text, but not in a more structured way like (nested) headers, entity titles, etc.

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Having the headers (h1 to h6) have more visual distinction would be very useful. I’m currently doing that with a custom CSS in my browser, but it’d be great if h2, h4 and h6 would have different colour tinges to make it easy to spot them.

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