Can't Login to Account, no Response from Support

Hello - I cannot login to my Fibery account, the reset password email does not make it to my inbox no matter how many times I try, and I have emailed on the 14th and 15th, but received no response.

I have verified the email is correct as I can still find the sign-up email, and I also still receive marketing emails from Fibery. It’s not in spam either. I created this account on the forum to try and reach Fibery again - please advise.

EDIT: The account I was looking for was under the email address I signed up with recently. Some time ago, I signed up with a different email and have the confirmation. I don’t have a transfer confirmation email in the new inbox, so I am not sure if I transferred the account and didn’t receive an email, or that account got lost and I had also used this one, but regardless the issue has been resolved.

As to the support messages, apparently Fibery’s spam filter snagged them. @itsu was helpful and prompt in resolving the issue and it’s all good now.

My adblocker was indeed blocking the intercom icon - to add to what Itsu said, if Incognito doesn’t work (most of my addons have incognito permissions), either disable your adblockers or use a browser without them if this happens to you.

Please contact us via intercom which is available on the website

How should I access the intercom without an account? Do I need to sign up on the main site again and use the intercom from that account?

No need to log in anywhere, simply click on the Intercom icon in the bottom-right corner of our website. It uses anonymous access there.

I believe my adblocker was removing the button. I just sent a message, thank you.

The wrong email address was used. In such case, reset password flow does nothing.

For future readers: if Intercom icon is absent on the website please try loading webpage in a different browser or in incognito mode (plugin was blocking it).