Can't figure out how to trigger a rule on update of a Rich Text field

Hi: I want to add a new Rule to my Task which would change the [State] (only from “Open”) to “In Progress” whenever the (Rich Text) [Details] is updated. (This would help my workflow quite a bit because currently when I start working on a Task in a side-by-side entity I have to remember to expand the entity in order to see the [State] field and change it manually: with this new Rule the [State] would automatically change from “Open” to “In Progress” at the instant that I add the first text to the [Details] field.) However, when I try to specify the Action as “updated”, I find that none of the Rich Text fields are available in the “which field” drop-down list: am I missing something?

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It’s not currently possible, sorry.

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Thanks: any idea if that’s in the roadmap? (Including rich text field updates as rule triggers)

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If you haven’t already done so, give a Vote to the feature request topic Chris linked to. :slight_smile:

It is available since February.

Fantastic! Thanks for the heads-up! How do I enable it (for a given rule + field)?

Something like this should do it:

Can I trigger it only when a particular (rich text) field is updated? (But not when the Task itself is updated, because that could happen for many reasons other than the rich text field having changed.)

You can choose to trigger on as many fields updating as you would like:

Oh yes sorry, forgot about that!

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