Cannot @-mention Deactivated Users

Bug or feature?

Deactivation of a User may be temporary, so it would be useful to be able to continue to “@”-mention deactivated Users (e.g., in a RTF).

It’s the expected behaviour.
(but note that you can still #mention a deactivated user)

What’s the use case for temporary deactivation? If it’s to save a licence, could you consider making them a Guest instead…?

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I have several Users who have been deactivated to save on $$$ since the client is not yet ready to continue Fibery adoption.

I could make these Users Guests instead, but would I be able to change them back to Members later, and would there be any side-effects of changing their status back and forth like this?

You can change them back and forth all you like, and you should only pay pro-rata for the time when they are Members.

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