Cannot Integrate Gmail Account

I can’t seem to integrate my Gmail account with Fibery because I don’t have an “app password”:

On that screen, you say “we recommend to use an generated app password…” does that mean it’s purely a recommendation and not really a requirement? If so, what password should I use? The regular password for the account is not being accepted.

I can’t generate an app password because my gmail account is owned by my organization. It seems like app passwords are only allowed for personal accounts based on google’s documentation

This all seems a bit crazy, since Fibery is marketed to and is likely largely used by people in companies/organizations, no?

Is the solution to just use the IMAP settings? Why doesn’t Fibery use the standard single sign on feature to integrate an email account like pretty much every other tool?

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Tried using IMAP, got another seemingly “app password” related error:

It looks like Google announced a few months ago that OAuth is the only way you’ll be able to integrate with their email accounts starting very soon, so even existing integrated email accounts with Fibery will be broken in the next couple months.

Is this on the Fibery team’s radar and is there any immediate solution for my situation?

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Not your main point, but according to the article you linked, App Passwords are not being deprecated. Rather, only LSA is being phased out.

The only other idea is making sure that 2-factor auth is enabled for your account, as that’s a prerequisite for using App Passwords. But whether that works with a work / school account, I’m not sure. I have a workspace account through my employer and I’m able to use App Passwords, so perhaps it’s a security policy choice somewhere in the Workspace org?

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Thanks @grex22

Your comment encouraged me to review all my workspace settings again, and I can now see the “App Password” option available on my account, so I’ve been able to get my email integrated!


Oh that’s awesome! Glad it was a helpful nudge!