Can Reports BINS() function show record counts grouped by a field SUM?

I’m trying to use a VizyDrop Color Rule to visualize the relative count of records in each group created by the BINS function.

BINS is generating its groups for a field SUM, but I’m interested in showing the count of records in each BIN, not the field SUMs of the records in each BIN.

Here’s what does work: the X-axis shows the SUM() of the [Call Duration (in seconds)] field, which is the total duration of one salesperson’s calls records:

This Color rule uses BINS to show the relative subtotals of the various ranges of call durations:

I’d like to create a variation where the X-axis shows the COUNT of Call records instead of the SUM of Call durations, and the BINS. I still want BINS to group the records by Call-duration as before, but now I want the X-axis and the BIN lengths to show record-counts (how many records are in each BIN).

Is this possible?

Maybe I misunderstand, but won’t it be fine if you choose Count([Id]) for the x-axis

and then BINS([Duration], x) for the color coding (where x is the number of bins you want)

Thanks @Chr1sG – that works :grinning: :clap:

Here’s another chart question – when I have multiple axes on a bar graph, is there a way to specify independent scales for each?

E.g. one set of values has a range 0 - 1, and the other set of values has a range 0 - 100. Since they are both displayed with one scale, the smaller set of values is all lost near the left edge of the chart.

Is there a way to specify the scale independently for each axis (other than manually scaling the values)?

AFAIK no, it’s not possible to have multiple x-axes, each with a different scale, sorry.